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Private Excursions to Blue Hole from Royal Caribbean Cruise

Blue Hole Excursion from Falmouth Cruise Port

The town of Falmouth in Jamaica has a very unique and interesting history. The records show that the small town was the first town in western hemisphere to have had piped water, in as early as 1799.  During the island’s colonial past, the town of Falmouth boasted a busy shipping port and thriving economy. However, this changed during the early 1900s and it soon became an almost forgotten town - a far cry from what it used to be.

By 2011, the town of Falmouth would regain life; the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line resurrected the old port and transformed it into a modern cruise port, currently being the best in Jamaica. This port is in fact the home port of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in Jamaica which seas about five ships weekly.

The cruise vessel, Harmony of the seas, is the biggest cruise ship to have been made to date, and it makes a weekly call to the Falmouth Port. Best Jamaica, the number one transportation company in Jamaica is also the most guest centered Tour Company on the island offering top quality private excursions from Harmony of the Seas.

The island of Jamaica is endowed with over 120 rivers, making it the envy of many Caribbean Islands.  Of these many river, the most popular is the Dunn’s River Falls which is located in Ocho Rios. While the Dunn’s River has its own record of being famous, the Blue Hole Secret Falls is giving it a run for its money.  The Dunn’s River is majestic and certainly a wonderful waterfall; however, according to the reports of thousands of visitors who have visited both sites is that, the Blue Hole is their favorite hands down.

If you will be cruising to the Caribbean and your ship is calling on a Jamaican Port you many want to consider a private excursion to the Blue Hole. Best Jamaica offers this private excursion from Royal Caribbean Cruises that dock in Falmouth. We can manage any size group and any amount of passengers. All our vehicles are modern, spacious, fully air-conditioned and well maintained.

Don’t allow your day in Jamaica just to past as any other day. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the best of what Jamaica has to offer during your limited time on the island, and to make it even better you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Best Jamaica offers the best rates for Private Excursions from the Royal Caribbean cruise ships to Ocho Rios, and no one else can beat. The quality of service is second to none and the overall experience to die for. Your amiable driver will soon be like family and treat you to a great day on the Paradise island of Jamaica.

Falmouth Jamaica Private Excursions

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Blue Hole Secret Falls

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